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Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme

The following information is relevant to those shareholders who hold their shares through the Santander Nominee Service.

Santander will implement a scrip dividend scheme again in November 2014 when the second interim dividend is traditionally paid. Shareholders will once again have the opportunity to choose whether to receive cash or new shares. 

If you are a shareholder who is resident in the EEA (see definition below), and have not previously registered a scrip election with the Santander Nominee Service the default option applied to your holding will be to receive additional new shares, instead of cash, whenever a scrip dividend is offered.  If you do not wish to receive shares, you must either make an election online or complete and return a scrip dividend mandate form by post, choosing either to sell your rights on market or off market to receive cash.

For further details of how we have worked out the default applicable to certain groups of shareholders please refer to the Santander Scrip Dividend Scheme Information Booklet below.

In any event, the default option applicable to you will be as set out in the Dividend Notification Letter sent to you in August 2014, unless changed by you. 

Making a scrip choice online

Make your online election here.  The deadline for making a choice for the November 2014 Scrip Dividend is 5 p.m. on 22 October 2014. If you register a choice after this deadline your choice will not apply to the November 2014 Scrip Dividend, but will be held on record and applied in relation to future Santander Scrip Dividend Schemes, unless changed by you.  

Documents summarising key information, together with further details regarding the November 2014 scrip dividend as they become available, will be published here or can be requested by calling the Shareholder Helpline. 

November 2014 Scrip Dividend Conversion Ratio and Purchase Price (PDF 44 Kb)

Timetable for November 2014 Scrip Dividend (PDF 7 Kb)

Scrip Dividend Scheme Information Booklet (PDF 253 Kb)

Scrip Dividend Scheme Questions and Answers (PDF 95 Kb)

EEA – Countries within the European Economic Area (PDF 6 Kb) 

For more information on previous Scrip Dividends, please see the following information.

Scrip Dividend History - August 2014 (PDF 68 Kb) 

August 2014 Conversion Ratio and Purchase Price (PDF 302 Kb)

All shareholders
Please note that we will not be selling your existing shares and that this scheme does not apply to the usual cash dividends.

If you have any problems or queries that are not covered in the documents above, please call the Shareholder Helpline on 0871 384 2000 (+44 (0)121 415 7188 from outside the UK).  Calls to this number are charged at 8p per minute plus network extras.   Lines are open 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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