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To adapt to the new business environment, retain the trust of our customers and satisfy the needs of the modern community, we need a staff that is trained and committed. Our team must be a reflection of our company.

Main initiatives for identifying and driving talent

  • Talent valuation committees. They allow us to identify the potential of future employees.
  • Succession planning for management. Planning succession for the Group's key roles to better ensure management continuity.
  • Action Learning Programme Santander (ALPS). A training programme for management profiles. Develops leadership and problem-solving skills in collaborative environments.
  • Digital Cellar. New hiring methods for understanding and attracting digital talent.
  • Young Leaders. Launched in 2018, 280 young employees in 22 countries have taken part in this professional development programme. The participants were chosen by their colleagues and had direct contact with our senior management, giving them an opportunity to help develop Group strategy, providing novel ideas and points of views.



A valuation model that rewards corporate culture

MyContribution is our employee valuation model, designed to strengthen the key role played by corporate culture in driving the Group's transformation. This model has an impact on employees' variable remuneration.

In 2018, this model was applied to all Group executives and was extended to other employees in different regions and at the corporate centre. In addition, for one management group (8,000 people in all the regions where Santander has operations), the corporate incentive plans take into account achievement of strategic targets relating to customer satisfaction and loyalty, risk management, capitalisation and risk-adjusted return.

Remuneration, therefore, reflects what an individual has achieved and how they have behaved.

Diversity and inclusion

In 2018, we ran the following initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion, both at Group and at local level.


  • Talent selection: to improve or at least retain the percentage of men and women in the divisions during all executive selection processes.
  • Talent identification: to increase the percentage of women on the succession plans list to meet our commitments by 2025.
  • To do away with the gender pay gap for anyone working at the same job level in the same department.
  • Balanced scorecard that reflects the diversity among our leaders.
  • To support the growth of women through mentoring and development programmes.
  • Measures to facilitate maternity and provide support for parents.

Culture and Identity

  • Map of cultural diversity.
  • To continue driving flexible working hours, providing measures to help achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Affinity groups. Minorities represented in various employee networks.


  • Measuring and monitoring all geographic areas, including the subject on local agendas.
  • New programmes to drive the hiring of people with various disabilities.


  • To guarantee that employees are aware of the training and awareness programme on diversity and inclusión.

Our commitments

Global engagement survey

Monitoring employee satisfaction through the engagement survey is essential for the Group, as it allows us to continue to advance towards our goal of being the best bank to work for. The 2018 results show that our team is proud to work at Santander and committed to continuing to build a bank that is more Simple, Personal and Fair.

Volunteering strengthens team spirit and helps the communities where we have operations. Thanks to our corporate volunteering policy, employees are entitled to dedicate a certain number of working hours to these activities each month or year. 

International mobility

  • Global Job Posting. It provides all employees with the option of applying for job openings in other countries, subsidiaries or divisions. Since its launch in 2014, more than 4,000 vacancies have been published around the world.
  • Santander World. Our employees can work on another country's project for a few months, encouraging the exchange of best practices and broadening their global perspective. Since its launch, 1,907 people from 28 different countries have taken part in this initiative.