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Santander holds BeHealthy week, the Bank's programme to promote healthy habits

  • The bank promotes initiatives among its employees to increase physical activity and healthy eating

Madrid, 10 April 2018. Banco Santander holds a week full of initiatives and activities to promote healthy habits and wellness among its more than 200,000 employees and promotes its BeHealthy programme, the Bank's project to make Santander the healthiest organisation in the world as part of its goal to become the best place to work. To achieve this, this programme centres on four key areas: 

  • Know your numbers: Control the basic parameters of your health. It's better to prevent.
  • Move: Practice the most appropriate exercise for your physical condition and health.
  • Be balanced: Stay balanced and well. Reconcile your personal and professional lives.
  • Eat: Take care of your family's and your own diet. You are what you eat.

For this, awareness is raised among employees on the importance of adopting healthy habits both in and outside the workplace, creating a safe, healthy and energising work environment, as well as rallying employees around a common goal: improve the health and fitness of the community.

In Spain, the schedule will be broken down into different initiatives, such as family competitions and training sessions given by first class athletes such as Martín Fitz, healthy breakfasts, 1I2I3 runs, laughter therapy and mindfulness workshops, an increased offer of healthy products in vending machines, etc. Sporting events will be held at all the Bank's territorial and head offices throughout the whole week: paddle tennis, CrossFit, triathlons, fun runs, and specialised gymnastics classes.

There are also initiatives planned such as express checks, free stretching and yoga classes, distribution of fruit, etc, at the company's facilities in other countries, such as Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Chile and the United Kingdom. 

At the Corporate Centre, a chat will also be held by the prestigious cardiologist Valentín Fuster on the PESA CNIC-Santander Study that started in 2010. This study aims to increase awareness on the progression of subclinical cardiovascular disease to improve the prevention of what continues to be the leading cause of death in Spain and around the world and which has a high personal and economic cost associated with it. This research, which was jointly financed by Banco Santander and CNIC, forms part of a series of major international studies, such as High Risk Plaque (HRP) or the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) - both in the United States - which seek to improve the capacity to diagnose and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Roberto di Bernardini, global head of Human Resources at Banco Santander, said: "Santander has a long history and a lot of experience in promoting wellness and healthy habits that help to promote the commitment, productivity, wellness and flexibility of all of us who form part of Santander. The BeHealthy programme was created with a vision to make Santander the healthiest company. There is nothing more beneficial to an organisation than a motivated and committed team. This is the key for companies like ours to meet our goals, get results and be competitive. It is essential to invest in projects that help employees feel good in their workplace and be willing to give their very best. And one of the best examples of this is the company you are part of dedicating time and effort to your most important asset: your health".

Banco Santander is in the midst of a cultural transformation to become a simple, personal and fair bank for its employees, clients, shareholders and the community.  In this new phase, Santander places its employees at the centre of it strategy and is focusing its efforts on "caring for people", committing to them and creating an environment that is suitable for people to work in the best possible way, as well as supporting a work-life balance.

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