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At Santander UK we are becoming a digital bank with a human touch and our team is key to helping deliver that. We are an interdisciplinary team of UX/UI designers and researchers working across Technology, Brand, Marketing, Business and Product. We design user-focused digital products and services that anticipate the needs of our customers to ensure a simple, personal and fair banking experience for everyone. 


To achieve this our work is underpinned by extensive research, reviewing industry trends and competitive analysis. We employ a range of strategic approaches like Design Thinking to rapidly identify opportunities for business growth. We work with a range design frameworks and cloud-based tools to effectively collaborate across all the areas of the business. Our remote and in person research methods ensure we validate each step of our products development and implementation journey. Through Agile methodologies we ensure our proposed products and services are technically feasible and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. 

Our goal is to provide all our users with delightful experiences that are simple, easy to use and surpass their banking needs. 

 With the fast pace of innovation in the financial & technology sector, we continuously innovate to ensure our products and services stay ahead of our competitors. Diversifying our customer offer we seek out new trends in digital services to elevate Santander’s offer beyond that of traditional banking to become a digital bank with a human touch.