Santander Analytics is an area within the Risk Division specialized in the development and validation of cutting-edge tools that help making objective and fair decisions while contributing in the simplification of the business processes.

“Working in Santander Analytics can be summarized in having a great time and doing new things every day."
Óscar Prieto

"The world is a Big Data problem."
Andrew McAfee, MIT

Who we are...

We are statisticians, mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and experts in econometrics and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning). Together, we form a team specialized in advanced analytics for the Risk division at Grupo Santander.

What we do...

We develop quantitative models to support decision making processes through the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in the data. All in all, our goal is to create real value from data.

Why you should join us....

If you love quantitative methods, computer programming and enjoy solving problems, this is definitely your place! You should be passionate about the business, curious about the data, have a hacker mindset and demonstrate story-telling skills.