Sustainable finance

Our commitment to an inclusive and sustainable growth and to the transition to a low carbon economy is materialized through various financial products and services.

We raise funds for sustainable financing and offer sustainable financial products and services that support our customers enabling business activities that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Santander Sustainable Bond issuances

Santander’s Global Sustainable Bonds Framework has been developed in line with the Green and Social Bond Principles 2018, are aligned and support our Responsible Banking strategy and in line with our intention to deploy additional capital for responsible and sustainable projects.

This Global Sustainable Bonds Framework enables the issuance of Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainable Bonds that align the finance-raising activities with the sustainable development and our commitment towards a more inclusive and sustainable growth.

Vigeo Eiris provided a second party opinion for Santander’s Global Sustainable Bonds Framework.

Each issuance under the Santander Global Sustainable Bond Framework will have a specific bond framework detailing the characteristics of the bond.

Below individual issuances frameworks:

We actively participate in financing renewable energy projects which contribute towards the transition to a low carbon emission economy.

The net proceeds of green bond issuances under the scope of this Green Bond Framework will be used to finance and refinance loans related to renewable energy.

Vigeo Eiris provided a second party opinion for the Green Bond Framework.

Santander Green Bond Framework June 2020 (666 Kb)

Vigeo Eiris - Second Party Opinion - Santander Green Bond (473 Kb)

Services & products for customers with social and/or environmental added value

As part of our commercial activity, we also offer a wide range of products and services which supports the transition to a low carbon economy.

At Santander we actively participate in the financing of renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaic plants, wind farms or thermosolar and / or hydraulic power plants, among others. These projects are developed in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Chile or Uruguay.

We are ranked as one of the leading entities in the financing of renewable energy projects internationaly according to the Dealogic League tables.

In cooperation with multilateral entities –such as the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – , we offer our customers credit lines for energy efficiency and renewable projects in Spain, Brazil, Poland and Peru.

We fund agricultural initiatives that promote sustainable practices.

Santander Brazil provides funding to businesses and individuals to help them develop environmental projects relating to energy efficiency in the agricultural sector. Bunge, Santander Brazil and The Nature Conservancy offer soy farmers long-term loans to expand production without clearing native habitat in the Brazilian region of Cerrado.

In Spain, app agro brings farmers breaking news about agriculture, especially news related to government subsidies and information about crop prices as well as agricultural products.

We support the evolution of the automotive sector towards an economy with low CO2 emissions through the financing of vehicles, hybrids and electric in the countries where we operate, with a special focus in Spain and Germany.

In Brazil, the Bank offers all customers who take a loan to buy a car, a tool to offset the emissions of the financed vehicles, as well as their personal activities through the acquisition of carbon credits, through the 'Reduces e Compensation' program.

Likewise, Santander in countries such Spain, Germany or the United Kingdom sponsors eco-friendly alternatives to a car, like, for example, electric bicycles.

Through our Santander Corporate & Investment Banking division we act as joint bookrunner in numerous emissions of green & sustainable bonds and ESG loans.

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