A motivated and supported team

Successful businesses need skilled and motivated teams: a responsible business attracts the best talent and earns its loyalty. Talent management and retention is therefore one of our key human resources strategies.

Each year, we implement various initiatives and programmes aimed at helping our employees grow personally and professionally, thereby enhancing their ability to serve our customers in a Simple, Personal and Fair way.

Continuous learning is key to help our employees adapt to a fast-paced, continuously changing work environment.

Fair and transparent remuneration, and an adequate culture of recognition contribute to having more motivated and committed employees.

Keeping our workforce motivated is key to ensuring their commitment and success. At Santander we do this by implementing measures that encourage listening, work-life balance and a healthy and personally fulfilling environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

If we are to understand and serve our customers well, we need a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects society. Managing this talent diversity in an inclusive way, reflecting our values, will enable us to attract, develop and retain the best professionals and to achieve better results in a sustainable manner.

For that purpose, we have defined our general principles on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), with the aim of serving as an ‘umbrella’ for all local initiatives as well as setting minimum standards for countries in their action plans, which will further improve diversity and inclusion in Santander. These general principles have been incorporated into our corporate culture policy as a key enabler to consolidate the cultural transformation.

For more information about these programs, see our Annual Report 2019.