The magazine Fortune has placed Banco Santander among the 25 best companies around the world to work thanks to its conciliatory and inclusive policies, always looking out for the benefit of the employees. The entity wants to be among the 10 best companies in 2021.

The productivity of workers in any company is totally conditioned by its labor conditions and the environment where they work. In this way,they prioritize human value and the measures adopted by companies for their well-being at work.

For this reason, companies must make decisions under the concept ofBest Place to Workif they want to attract talent and promote the feeling of pride and belonging among their employees.

Some companies such as Banco Santander started some time ago to apply these policies. Great Place to Work Institute has recognized Santander as one of the best companies around the world to work. The bank is ranked 24 out of the 25 best companies.

Ana Botín, President of the entity, highlighted that “This achievement is asignificant advance and a solid basisover which we will builda more responsible banknot only excellent in the essentials, but also working on the current challenges.I am very proud of our teamsand I yearn to see what we are capable of doing together to help more people and companies to prosper”.

The most successful initiatives among its employees includeSemana Somos Santander, which promotes the feeling of belonging to the Group through many activities in which employees and their families take part. Or theSemana BeHealthy, aimed at boosting healthy habits from a food and sports point of view.

All of this combined to its indispensable corporate policy ofFlexiworking, which lets the employees adapt their working hours to their personal needs and professional situation, such asmodifying their working hours, working at home with flexibility in vacation. Measures aimed at improving their quality of life.

Knowing well that it can do more, Banco Santander doesn’t stop its conciliatory and inclusive policies and intends to go beyond. This way, it proposes to be placed among the10 best companies to work, at least in six of the regions where it operates, in 2021.