Brenda Juárez has been one of the 30 participants of the 16th Edition of the program Jóvenes Líderes Iberoamericanos (Young Ibero American Leaders) promoted by Banco Santander and Fundación Carolina. This program is aimed at university people with excellent academic records from more than 300 Ibero American public and private universities.

Knowing how to identify, manage and promote talent establishes the difference between successful companies and those condemned to stagnation.

For this reason, there is an increasing number of companies that launch programs and initiatives for young people to have the chance of showing their skills and competence and help them put a foot in the door of the labor market.

One of the companies betting on these initiatives and supporting higher education as a responsible entity is Banco Santander which, through Santander Universidades and along with Fundación Carolina, has organized the 16th Edition of the program Jóvenes Líderes Iberoamericanos.

This project counts on the participation of 650 talented young people under 18 years of age (31 in the last edition) with the goal of promoting reflection and deliberation, and generating Ibero American leadership networks, as well as promoting the commitment to the values and principles that are pillars of the Ibero American Community, and its assumption of the Agenda 2030 as a horizon of prosperity.

Thanks to this program developed between Madrid, Brussels and Santander, the participants have had a leading role in conferences, meetings and visits through an intense agenda of social immersion in the Spanish and European reality, and they have had the opportunity of meeting with Ministers and senior officials of the Public Administration and CEOs of world renowned companies.

One of the annual events is the reception of the Ibero American Leader Young People by King Felipe VI in the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Brenda Juárez and her dream of improving the lives of people

The entity presided over by Ana Botín is firmly committed to Higher Education as a part of its responsible banking activity. A commitment materialized through Santander Universidades, thanks to which it was distinguished as the worldwide private company that invests in education the most (Report Varkey/UNESCO-Fortune 500) with 1,200 agreements of collaboration with universities and institutions from more than 20 countries.

Since 2002, Banco Santander has invested more than 1,700 million euros in academic programs and initiatives. In 2018 alone, it granted more than 73,000 scholarships and academic aid in order to contribute to the prosperity of people, companies and society, promoting the access to higher education on the basis of equal opportunities and inclusion, boosting university entrepreneurship and promoting the employability of young people.

In this way, in order to recognize the effort and show its support of the Santander Scholars, the entity has launched a series of 10 interviews called “Conversaciones sobre el Progreso con #BecariosPro” (Conversations about Prosperity with #ScholarsPro”).

After the young Syrian man passionate about cinema, Majed Andiwi, and Angélica Partidaes, it is the turn of Brenda Juárez, a name that emerges when recognizing talent and knowing how to boost it.

Brenda is a Mexican young woman
that studied the Engineering of Bioprocesses in the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in Mexico, a field that tries producing new alternatives for the generation of different products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food etc. areas by using microorganisms as cellular factories.

Her final project focused on the production of two biofuels (hydrogen and ethanol) aimed at discovering new energetic alternatives that don’t contribute to climate change and taking care of the environment. Brenda used some strains (population) with amazing results.

Brenda intends to translate it into the pharmaceutical area to fight current and future diseases. “We must use these cellular factories to generate more personalized medications and to help every person directly”, she said.

Brenda was one of the 31 selected people to take part in the 16th Edition of the program Jóvenes Líderes Iberoamericanos, which tries to generate a social, political and cultural immersion of Spain, as well as the cooperation among all the Ibero American countries.

While in Spain, and thanks to the program, Brenda had the opportunity to visit different institutions, universities, companies and, along with her classmates, she has even been in the reception of the King Felipe VI.

What she values most about this experience is the exposure and the possibility of reaching new emerging opportunities, as well as the training wealth obtained by attending these activities and exchanging ideas with her mates regarding the program. “It lets us generate this network of collaboration and, when we will go back to our countries, we will count on the support of the others”.

In the future, Brenda wants to finish her biotechnological master abroad, specifically in the University of Wageningen, Holland. “I think that this country has a very interesting educational system because, besides allowing you to be close to the investigating area, you have the chance of making professional practices”.

Those who are thinking about studying abroad and asking for scholarships such as the Jóvenes Líderes Iberoamericanos, Brenda has a clear message. I would tell them to take the risk, although they could think that there are few possibilities of being selected for a specific scholarship. Who knows? We must look for opportunities and learn how to get them. In a totally globalized world, the international experience is fundamental”, she concludes.

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