By Ok Diario.

What if going shopping meant not only getting something for oneself? What if we could contribute to different causes by buying anything?

This is possible thanks to rounding up for solidarity, a practice more and more recognized in our society. It involves rounding up the price of whatever we are buying in order to allocate the value difference to vulnerable groups of people. A trend which emotionally joins the client with the brand.

Many businesses have already launched solidarity projects, such us Santander Bank, Condis, Covirán or Kiehl’s. Companies net huge profits every year and solidary rounding plays a part in corporate social responsibility, giving back to society a part of profit gained. Despite maybe going unnoticed, fifty cents per millions of consumers means a considerable amount of money that can be given to various social causes.

The solidarity card: OpenBank

OpenBank, a 100% digital entity of Grupo Santander, has launched the project Open Solidarity: a card of solidarity which rounds up the price of every purchase and transfers the difference to the organization chosen by the customer. For example, when you buy something for 15.30€, the credit card will charge 16€ and the difference of 70 cents will be given to the NGO of your choosing. It is a commission free debit card and can be acquired free of charge as well.

The 10 NGOs with whichit ispossible to collaborate are:

  • ACNUR. Offers urgent humanitarian assistance to refugees of war or the human rights violations. They offer shelter, food, health services, and education.
  • Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger). Gives supportin access to clean water, safe food, and basic health care.
  • The Red Cross.Works to protect vulnerable groups of people and relies on more than 13 million volunteers and almost 17,000 partners in80 countries.
  • CRIS Contra el Cáncer (CRIS Against Cancer). Its mission is to combat cancer and find a cure for it. Its activities are focused in Spain, and has achieved remarkable results.
  • Deporte y Desafío (Sport and Challenge).Uses sports as a way to integrate people with disabilities into society. Confidence, perseverance, and sacrifice are some of the values they promote.
  • Duchenne. Promotes the research in the treatment of Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, especially present in children.
  • Entreculturas (Between Cultures).Focuses on education and access to education for all children.
  • HePA. Helps young children with liver diseases and patients with liver transplantation.
  • Vicente Ferrer Foundation: Development of impoverished areas in India.
  • Theodora Foundation. Organizes activities for hospitalized children aimed at making their stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Save the Children. Has been fighting for children’s rights for 100 years in over 120 countries.

These organizations all have social agendas set to improving our planet. Almost effortlessly, we can contribute to their goals through rounding up for solidarity