By El Español.

Companies, increasingly aware of their vital role in improving social and environmental conditions, are launching volunteer programs in collaboration with several NGOs.

Corporate volunteering
, as it’s known, has become a tool used increasingly by large companies due to the concern for sustainability and prosper in society. This way, they adopt the role they should, giving substance to their social responsibility and committing themselves to social causes.

It’s companies’ own employees who take part voluntarily in this work, as it’s them who devote their time and effort to these causes. It’s the best way for companies to demonstrate their values: through the individuals that form a part of them.

According to the latest report carried out by the Corporative Volunteering Observatory, this phenomenon has increased 12% amongst foreign companies. However, almost 60% carry out these activities, despite not having consistent volunteering programs.

It’s here we must take into account that these company initiatives started only a short while ago. The most in demand projects are those related to childhood and adolescence, followed by those related to disabled people, and the elderly.

Today, it has become more and more common for companies to increase their focus on efforts to develop corporate volunteering strategies. For example, Santander Bank promotes a high number of initiatives in Spain and around the world. In fact, in 2018, more than 40,000 employees took part in social activities, investing more than 130,000 hours.

Among the highlighted initiatives is the participation in toy collection campaigns during the Christmas holiday, teaching workshops at schools, coaching teenagers at risk of exclusion, or collaboration with the program “From Women to Women”, which helps women who have been victims of domestic violence integrate into the labour market.

European Pro Bono Summit: ideas to produce corporate volunteering initiatives

In October 2018, the event took place at the Ciudad Grupo Santander, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), the third edition of the European Pro Bono and Skills-Based Volunteering Summit, an international conference on corporate volunteering.

This edition was organized by the Fundación Hazloposible with the collaboration of Santander Bank, Fundación Telefónica, and the Department of Employment. More than 130 people from 20 countries and five continents attended the event.

The companies that participated were introduced to new projects and applicable methods for their corporate volunteering programs. Along with contributing so much to improving society, another of its goals is to strengthen employee commitment by creating a sense of belonging.