By Libertad Digital.

There are courses that pave the way for pre-university students in order for them to acquire the skills needed for the entrepreneurial world. Additionally, they give the students the opportunity to take charge of their careers while taking into account their professional future from the very first moment.

Bearing in mind that standstills cannot be afforded, companies are beginning to look for new workers who are increasingly more specialized and competitive. For this reason, young people have to prepare themselves for a professional future that would fulfill the requirements of companies before attending university.

Despite all the knowledge they will acquire at the university, it is recommended that they receive previous training. So much so, that there is an increase in the number of pre-university programs, which are brief and very specific courses aimed at the labor field.

Babson Build for Santander Universidades

Due to the increasing importance of these courses, institutions are developing a large number of supporting programs.

For example, Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, offers grants abroad aimed at pre-university students with an entrepreneurial vocation. During the week, young people have a chance of attending the prestigious Babson College of Wellesley, Massachusetts, which is considered to be a benchmark of entrepreneurship.

Last year, 30 training grants were awarded, including help with accommodation and food, as well as classes with specialized professors and a certificate of participation. The next edition of the program will be held between the 21st of July and the 2nd of August, and the registration deadline will be on the 23rd of June, at the latest.

Concerning the agenda of the course, it will focus on student’s creation and promotion of business skills, with subjects such as Business Thinking and Action, Market Analysis, Leadership, Digital Marketing, and Negotiation Skills.

One of the requirements needed to take part in the program is to be registered in one of the more than 1,200 universities in one of the 21 countries that Banco Santander collaborates with. In Spain, Banco Santander supports 84 universities. In addition, a high level of English is required.

On the other hand, young people have the chance of networking and meeting other students from around the world. As the Babson College is very close to cities such as Boston and Cambridge, they can feel like they are in a student environment

Alejandro Linde attended the course some years ago and now attends a Master’s Program in Business Administration. “While in Babson, my goal was to get to know the American universities and witness how they approach business models and the development of startups. I wanted to see the difference between the Spanish and American methodology in studies”, he said.

The program, key for the future

Alejandro has created an app to optimize tourist routes and he says that thanks to attending the course, he got a much more practical vision, which is key for his project. “Upon finishing the course, you leave with the desire to continue getting involved in the field of entrepreneurship and improving yourself. In some way, that neuron is activated as well as the special energy that urges us towards entrepreneurship”.

One of the experiences he values the most when took part in the program of Santander Universidades is the presentation of projects carried out by all the students on the last day of the course. “It helped us to create feedback, realize our own mistakes, and learn from them”.

Therefore, young men and women can take advantage of this enormous opportunity aimed at building a professional future adapted to the new requirements and ways of working with enterprises.