Work Café

Work Café Santander is Banco Santander’s innovative space for clients and non-customers, which brings a bank, co-working area and coffee house together in a single place. It’s a collaborative space open to all, where you can work, surf the internet, hold meetings, attend events and, of course, make your financial arrangements.

All this you can do while tasting a delicious coffee. A cup of coffee to start talking about ways to make you prosper.

This concept is already present in:

When you choose a bank you hope to find something more than a place to do paperwork. That is why Work Café Santander is a new way of relating with us.

A staff member will welcome you and make you feel at home, helping with everything you need: Book a meeting room? A space to work? Have a chat with a financial advisor? We’re there to help you.
  You choose the place for a business meeting: in the coffee area, in the co-working space or in a private room.
We have no cashier desk, no queues. If you need to make any banking transaction you can do it in a special corner with the latest generation ATMs.
We have a 24/7 telephone helpline.
You can connect with Santander Personal experts through digital tools such as videoconferencing or an interactive Wall.

Co-working spaces are shared work places where professionals with different skills and interests coincide to work, connect and create opportunities.

They have collaborative areas and bookable rooms, where you can network or simply find a relaxed environment surrounded by like-minded people.

In our co-working space, whether you are a client or not, you can choose where you want to work. We have:

A large space in the public área. Private and bookable romos. Free wi-fi access.

Since our mission is to help people and companies to prosper, we have created living spaces where we will hold events, talks, courses, exhibitions and conferences.