Esther Giménez-Salinas i Colomer

Non-executive director (independent)

Joined the board in 2012.

Nationality: Spanish. Born in 1949 in Barcelona, Spain.

Education: PhD in Law and Psychologist by the University of Barcelona.

Experience: She was chancellor of the Ramon Llull University, member of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), member of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain, member of the scientific committee on criminal policy of the Council of Europe, executive vice president of the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialised Training of the Justice Department of the Government of Catalonia and member of the advisory board of Endesa-Catalunya. She was director of Gawa Capital Partners, S.L.

Other positions of note: Professor emeritus at Ramón Llull University, director of the Chair of Restorative and Social Justice at the Pere Tarrés Foundation, Special Chair of Restorative Justice Nelson Mandela of the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, director of Aqu (quality assurance agency for the Catalan university system), member of the Bioethics Committee of the Government of Catalonia and member of the advisory board of the Arbitral Court of Barcelona.

Membership of board committees: Appointments committee, risk supervision, regulation and compliance committee and responsible banking, sustainability and culture committee.