Universia Brazil organised Preparadão Universia 2019, one of the biggest education festivals in Brazil, which helps students to prepare for the National Secondary Education Exam (ENEM). Almost 6,000 young people took part this year.

Quality education is critical to having an educated and prosperous society. It is therefore essential to guarantee inclusive, equitable, quality education for everyone. Ensuring that there is an education system that meets these characteristics has been a priority of Universia for many years.

Universia Brazil, with the support of Santander Universities, recently held the second Preparadão Universia, one of the biggest education festivals in Brazil, where almost 6,000 students had the chance to improve their knowledge before taking the ENEM exam.

Sérgio Rial, the chairman of the bank in Brazil, presented the event and encouraged young people to open their minds and be more innovative. Mr Rial highlighted the importance of education and underlined that "there are no limits to what we can achieve, if we have courage, perseverance and use everything that we have learned to take us beyond our expectations – just like the first men on the moon."

Alongside Brazilian students 

The purpose of Preparadão Universia is for students to connect with professionals who can provide them with support and guide them at a time that is decisive for their future. That is why there were such exceptional attendees in this the second year of the event. 

Banco Santander Brazil and Universia executives were in attendance, along with students from all around the country, teachers, educational institutions, government education authorities, scientists like Brazilian astronomer, Duilia de Mello, who discovered a supernova, and researchers such as Matheus Tomoto, from Harvard University, who is an inspiration to young people seeking international study experiences.

As well as in-person attendees at the festival, over 200,000 students signed up for online content and exclusive services to improve their learning in preparation for the ENEM. They had access to classes, videos and Universia Game, a knowledge-based game with more than 50 Santander scholarships available for the winners provided by Santander Universities Brazil.

During the event, one of these classes received a major accolade this year on a world scale when it was awarded the Guinness World Records™ title for the world's biggest biology class, with an official figure of 5,019 students. This biology class was run by the teacher Paulo Jubilut, one of the country's most influential educators, with over 1.7 million students on his YouTube channel.

The event also featured other well-known teachers for these classes, such as Débora Aladim, who has 2.25 million followers, and Rafael Procopio, who has over 1.6 million. The classes were taught by teachers who in total have more than 28 million followers on YouTube and the event closed with a concert by the singer IZA.

In total, over 30 universities from across Brazil and companies including Coca-Cola, Faber-Castell and IBM took part in the event, providing education and career-related experiences and initiatives to support these students during this time when they are deciding on and defining their future. A future that will impact the future of society. 

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