Santander helps students around the world to prosper. And to prosper, they have to gain access to quality education, regardless of where they come from.

Students Ítaca Grants Students who have received a Ítaca- Banco Santander Grants

Not all aspiring students can afford the cost of going to university, and at Santander we want to help them progress. There is no better way for them to do this than with a Santander Ítaca grant, which includes a bursary and is granted by Santander in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). These scholarships help underprivileged students with strong academic performance go to university and continue their studies. 

A Santander Ítaca grant, including a bursary of €500 a month for ten months of the year, is renewed every year of the degree's duration and covers matriculation fees and expenses for other campus services and, where necessary, accommodation at the Vila Universitària. 

We award 80 Santander Ítaca grants a year to foster equal opportunities and educational equity. Kevin Viciana, an Ítaca grant recipient, feels that he has been given "a great opportunity." What is more, he sees this "as a kind of privilege, because many people in my situation, with the same academic level as me, are not so lucky."

In the words of Javier Roglá, global head of Santander Universities: "with scholarships like these we aim to help young people build a better world."

Supporting students in the summer too

Students Campus Students on the Itaca Campus

At the end of the school year, we continue to support these young students. To this end, every summer we organise Campus Ítaca, an initiative designed to motivate adolescents with good academic performance but in a disadvantaged economic situation to continue with their studies once they finish compulsory education.

The young people who attend the Campus participate in educational activities and games that enable them to discover various academic disciplines and familiarise themselves with the university environment. They carry out research, take part in debates, etc.

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