LAST UPDATE: 18/05/2021

We use technology and innovation to develop a service that can provide financial advice to investors and guide them in their choice of products simply and securely.

Our aim is to improve the experience of our customers and help them with their investment decisions through innovation. We have developed SO:FIA, Santander Orienta: Finanzas, Inversión y Ahorro (Santander Guides: Finance, Investment and Saving), a platform with funds, plans and securities that enables a simple or aggregated view of portfolio distribution, including all investment products.

At Santander Spain we help our customers and investors to prosper every day, offering them simple, tailored solutions based on trust, professional management and security. SO:FIA targets all of our customers: from the most sophisticated investor to one who is just starting out. It helps and guides them in the transition from savers to good investors.

Through this platform, investors can access financial markets with complete information in the form of reports and videos, both from Sociedad de Valores' top analysts as well as from our investment branch, Santander Asset Management. SO:FIA also offers tools to search and compare across the entire product range and assist with investment decision-making.

At Santander, we see innovation as an essential cornerstone for advancing and prospering as a bank. We currently have over 42 million digital customers who use our website and our mobile apps. We are committed to strengthening our technology and multichannel banking so as to reach all of them quickly and flexibly, wherever they are.

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