Last update: 09/12/2020

We aim to financially empower 10 million people by 2025. In Mexico, thousands of people have no access to basic banking services. We created Tuiio, to contribute to the welfare of the Mexican society by promoting financial inclusion.

“We are working to generate profit with a purpose: to ensure that our operations help more people and businesses prosper”: said our Group executive chairman, Ana Botín, the day our Bank became one of the founding signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking.

Financial inclusion is one of the key factors in achieving this prosperity and reducing poverty. Our commitment to achieve this inclusion is embodied in projects such as Tuiio, an ambitious initiative that guarantees access to banking services for the most disadvantaged parts of society in Mexico.

Tuiio's main contribution is to generate a measurable social impact through productive loans, with a digital savings account, insurance, ATMs, its own branches and online banking. In addition, the initiative involves a financial education programme for people to be able to use banking services quickly and easily.

Ana Botín with a entrepreneur

Finance to improve people's lives

One of the people supported by Tuiio is Elsa. She sells miniature handicraft and, until recently, was outside the financial system. Thanks to a microcredit, she was able to expand her inventory and grow professionally. 

“One of the reasons we created Tuiio is to have an institution that is aligned with people, that speaks to them in a simple way, that meets their needs and provides them with accessible tools for them to feel secure and supported,” says Héctor Grisi Checa, executive chairman of Santander Mexico.

Santander Best Bank for Financial Inclusion in Mexico
Santander Best Bank for Financial Inclusion in Mexico

Santander Mexico has been named "Best Bank for Financial Inclusion in Mexico" by the International Finance Magazine (IFM) for its Tuiio initiative.

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