This cyber security platform enables small and medium-sized enterprises to protect their business from online threats like any major corporation.

SMEs are a vital part of the economy. In Spain, they account for over 95% of companies and 90% of jobs. In recent years, they've faced an uphill struggle to stay afloat, with digitalization posing a sizeable challenge.

Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of businesses’ greatest opportunities to boost competitive advantage, reduce costs, broaden their customer base and enjoy other benefits. However, their new digital agendas pose risks to cyber security. Every company, regardless of its size, must protect itself from online threats and cyber attacks.

To help them, Santander has create Cyber Guardian, a catch-all, state-of-the-art platform that enables SMEs to remove the threat of cyber attack.

1. Cyber-security screening for your company

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Cyber Guardian enables you to monitor your business’s level of cyber security and manage risks round the clock.

  • Your level of cyber security

    Check your business’s level of cyber security with “cyber scoring” and a user-friendly control panel for constant monitoring. The 24-hour, automatic monitoring service measures incident severity.

2. Protection from threats

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Our state-of-the-art cloud platform houses all your defences to protect your information from cyber criminals:

  • Computer protection
    Advanced anti-malware program that monitors, detects and removes all viruses, ransomware, Trojan horses and spyware.
  • Secure email
    Cyber Guardian detects and blocks any threat sent by email and prevents spam, phishing emails and malware making it to your users’ inbox.
  • Safe browsing
    You’ll lose your fear of ending up on a malicious website, with annoying adverts and dangerous downloads.

3. Phishing simulations and training

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90% of cyber attacks start with phishing. Train your employees and get them involved in your business’s security.

  • Send them mock phishing emails.
    Select a simulated phishing scenario and send it to employees.
  • Get each employee’s results.
    You can see the general results from each scenario and find out which employee needs training.
  • Send out training modules automatically.
    You can automatically send out remedial training to whoever needs it and prevent attacks.

Constant monitoring

It also incorporates 24/7 proactive monitoring of security alerts and allows you to respond to the most advanced and emerging threats.

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