Codes of conduct

The guiding principle of Santander Group’s activity is the defence of its integrity and reputation, complying strictly with legislation and regulations and with the ethical standards applicable in the markets in which it operates.

Putting this commitment into practice requires the implementation of a strong corporate culture at all levels of the organisation, together with the establishment and continual updating of a whole set of policies, procedures, codes of conduct and internal controls.

General Code of Conduct

The General Code of Conduct contains the ethical principles and standards of conduct that govern the behaviour of all Banco Santander employees.

Canal Abierto

Banco Santander has an internal information system (named, Canal Abierto) for anyone related to its group to report breaches of legal or internal regulations, irregular financial and accounting practices or violations of its General Code of Conduct, corporate behaviours and Internal Governance system confidentially and anonymously -if they wish to do so-, with absence of reprisals, among other guarantees and rights of the reporter that are included in the internal regulations that regulate this channel.

Executive summary of the Santander Group's Corruption Prevention Policy

This page contains information on Santander Group’s anti-corruption policy:

Policy on conflicts of interest

This policy aims to provide Santander Group employees, directors and entities with guidelines for preventing and managing conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of their activities.

Financing of Political Parties Policy

Santander is governed by principles of transparency, honesty and political neutrality in its interactions with political parties and other entities exposed to public and social causes that are also political in nature.

The Financing of Political Parties Policy sets out the conduct standards and limitations that must be observed by Santander in its interactions with political parties, in line with the above principles.

Code of Conduct in Securities Markets

Code of Conduct for Research Activity

The Code of Conduct for Research Activity defines the criteria for the preparation and publication of Research Products by Banco Santander and the behavior of Research Analysts in the exercise of their professional activity.