Cookies policy

  1. Data Controller

    Banco Santander, S.A., a company registered with the Bank of Spain under number 0049, with registered offices in Santander at Paseo de Pereda, 9-12, and holding tax no. A-39000013, and which is the owner of this website (the Bank or the Publisher, without distinction), hereby informs visitors to the website (the "Website") about its cookies policy, in order for them to be aware of the cookies that will be used while they browse the Website and in order to allow them to consent to said cookies.

    This Cookies Policy (the "Cookies Policy") is supplemented by the Privacy Policy for this Website.

  2. What are cookies?

    Cookies are files that are downloaded and stored on an Internet user's device (computer/smartphone/tablet) when they visit certain websites and applications, and they are used for storing and retrieving information about navigation using that computer.

    Cookies can be installed either directly by the websites visited by the user or by third parties with which the website is related, and they allow the website to keep track of the user's activity on the site or on other, related sites, including: the location from which the user is connected, the connection time, the device (wired or mobile) used to access the website, the operating system and browser used, the most frequently visited websites and the number of clicks. They also provide data on the user's browsing habits.

    For more information on how websites and apps use cookies, go to

    Although cookies do not need to be enabled to access the Website, disabling them may limit the use of certain services or prevent the Website from working correctly as it might not be possible to perform certain functions.

  3. Data protection

    In certain circumstances, the use of cookies may involve processing the personal data of device users when they visit the Website. The legal basis for this processing of data, except in cases in which it is necessary for browsing the Website, exists if the users have given their consent after they have been provided with clear and complete information on the use of the data, in particular, on the purposes of processing the data, with regard to the protection of personal data.

    Users may obtain information about the Bank’s processing of their data by contacting its Data Protection Officer/Privacy Office at or by consulting the Bank’s privacy policy on its website
  4. Authorisation to use cookies

    In accordance with this cookies policy, provided that the user has consented to it, the Bank will use cookies as described below. The user of the Website may modify or reject the use of cookies, except for the technical, preference or personalisation cookies, which are necessary to ensure the basic functioning of the Website or to provide any services you may request, which do not require your consent, and therefore, they cannot be disabled.

    You can manage your consent in relation to the cookies used by the Bank by clicking on this link:


  5. Types of cookies used

    1. Strictly necessary cookies - technical and preference or personalisation


      This type of cookie has been added to the Website by the publisher, who also accesses the information contained in them. This type of cookie is used to provide a given service requested by the user and to allow the Website to work properly from a technical perspective.

      Technical cookies include any that the publisher uses for controlling traffic and transmitting data, identifying sessions and accessing restricted areas. This type of cookie also includes user interface personalisation cookies. As established in Art. 22.2 of the Spanish Law on Information Society Services (LSSI), consent is not required for their use.

      Preference or personalisation cookies allow information to be recorded so that the user can access the service with certain characteristics, which may differentiate their experience from that of other users, such as their preferred language or the number of results to show in their searches. As a result, similarly, prior consent is not required.

      The following table provides more detailed information on the technical, preference and personalisation cookies used on the Website:







      Used to define the user’s language preferences.

      10 years



      Cookie that defines the preference in the redirect component and selects the user's preferred option

      End of session

      CONSENTMGR Tealium This cookie will be used to store the general consent stored through Tealium, the tool that manages user preferences. 90 days
      utag_main Tealium This cookie is set by Tealium, the tool that manages tags and consent on all of our web pages. 1 year
      YSC YouTube This cookie is used by YouTube to remember user input and associate a user’s actions  End of session
      VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube This cookie contains a unique ID used to remember your preferences and other information such as your preferred language, how many search results you prefer to have shown on a results page and is also used to detect and resolve problems with the service. 6 months
      AWSELBCORS Investis Digital This cookie is managed by AWS and is used for load balancing. End of session

    2. Third-party cookies - analysis

      These third-party cookies, which may be downloaded to your computer when you use the Website and which are managed by a third party other than the publisher, are used by the publisher for tracking and analysing the behaviour of the users when they browse the Website or use its services. These cookies are used for measuring activity on the Website and for creating browsing profiles that enable it to make improvements based on the analysis of usage data. The information handled does not allow the user to be uniquely identified. It is simply collected by third parties using these cookies and is subject to those parties’ own privacy policies.

      The analysis cookies used on this Website are GOOGLE ANALYTICS and ADOBE ANALYTICS cookies. We also use the tag management service provided by TEALIUM and TWITTER cookies, the purpose of which is to be able to share information through the network widget.

      GOOGLE ANALYTICS is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. We use Google Analytics to monitor how visitors use the Website and to collate reports and help improve the Website. For more information on how Google collects and processes this data, click on If you would like to revoke your consent regarding the use of these cookies, you can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on by following the instructions in this link, or by following the steps outlined in section 5 below.

      ADOBE ANALYTICS is a web analysis service provided by ADOBE that the publisher uses to analyse web audience, count unique visitors, record the time and date of unique visitors, etc.

      The table below provides more detailed information on these cookies:







      Distinguishes between users and sessions. A user is a person who visits the site. A session is the period that the user spends on the site, and may consist of several page visits. This allows for an analysis of how the site is used in terms of user page visits and views

      2 years from creation/update



      Used to differentiate new sessions/visits from repeat visits. Return visitors can be identified through the use of the cookie, which new visitors will not have

      30 minutes from creation/refresh



      Used in conjunction with the _utmb cookie to determine whether a user is a new or return visitor

      End of browsing session



      Stores the source of traffic or campaign that explains how the user got to the site

      6 months from creation/update



      Used to throttle the request rate. This means limiting the number of analysis events sent to Google

      10 minutes



      Used by the web audience analysis tool to differentiate unique users

      2 years



      Used by the web audience analysis tool to differentiate unique users

      24 hours


      Adobe Analytics

      Used to determine whether the cookies are enabled



      Adobe Analytics

      Stores the date of the visit and whether the visitor is a first-time visitor or a repeat visitor

      2 years


      Adobe Analytics

      Used when the ClickMap and Activity Map functionalities are enabled. Contains information about the last link that the user clicked on


      s_ ecid

      Adobe Analytics

      Used to allow persistent ID tracking in 1st-party state and used as a benchmark ID if the AMCV cookie has expired. See AMCV cookie here for further details

      2 years


      Adobe Analytics

      Used to identify a unique visitor – Experience Cloud

      2 years


      Adobe Analytics

      Used to record the date and time for the unique visitor identifier

      2 years


      Adobe Analytics

      Used to record the date and time for the alternative unique visitor ID

      2 years



      Adobe Target

      Used to conduct tests aimed at improving the user experience and knowing the most relevant elements and content for visitors

      2 years

      at_check Adobe Target A cookie created by Adobe Target that is used to determine whether a visitor accepts cookies. Session
      _ga_18TFZRJTGN Google It is used to maintain session status. 2 years
      _twitter_sess Twitter It is used to allow Twitter content to appear on the Website and to allow content to be shared over its network. Its storage is enabled to recognise whether the user is logged in. Session
      gt Twitter A cookie used to integrate Twitter functionalities correctly into our Website. 2 hours
      ct0 Twitter Twitter service cookie. This is used to obtain information from users and to be able to share original content from the Website through the social network. 5 years
      guest_id Twitter A twitter cookie that allows the social network to identify the user of Twitter via the Website. 2 years

    3. Third-party cookies - behavioural advertising


      These third-party cookies store information on the users’ behaviour obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits. This information is used for developing a specific profile, managed by these third parties, for delivering tailored advertising that matches the observed behaviour. In the same way as in the analytical part, since these cookies are managed by third parties, they do not allow for the unique identification of the user and they are subject to their own privacy policies.

      The rejection of the use of behavioural advertising cookies will prevent the Bank from displaying personalised advertising of interest to the user.







      The purpose is to collect information from users who have been directed to the Website by advertising campaigns from this platform

      2 years

      _gac_UA-58567623-40, _gac_gb_G-18TFZRJTGN


      Includes user-related campaign information through the link between Google Analytics and Google Ads. Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie

      90 days

      _IDE, test_cookie, _gcl_au 

      Google / DoubleClick

      The Google / DoubleClick cookie aims to improve the advertising displayed to users


      1 year, 1 month, 3 months

      fr, _fbp, _fbc


      Collects a combination of the user’s browser and unique identifier, used to tailor advertising to users

      3 months

      li_oatml, lms_ads, li_fat_id



      Used to identify members of LinkedIn for advertising and analysis purposes outside the designated countries and, for a limited time, for advertising purposes in the designated countries.

      30 days

      lidc LinkedIn Facilitates the selection of the best data centre for LinkedIn. 24 hours
      li_gc LinkedIn It is used to store user consent regarding the use of cookies for non-essential purposes. 2 years
      bcookie LinkedIn A browser identification cookie to uniquely identify devices accessing LinkedIn and detect platform abuse. 2 years
      lang LinkedIn It stores the user's language. Session
      wd Facebook Through the use of this cookie, Facebook stores the user's screen resolution. 7 days
      xs Facebook Through the use of this cookie, Facebook detects if you are logged in on its platform. 1 year
      dpr Facebook Through the use of this cookie, Facebook is able to improve the experience offered to users based on their device settings.  7 days
      sb Facebook Facebook stores information about the browser to improve its security settings.  2 years
      usida Facebook Collects a combination of the user’s browser and unique identifier, used to tailor advertising to users Session
      m_pixel_ratio Facebook Through the use of this cookie, Facebook is able to improve the experience offered to users based on their device settings.  Session
      datr Facebook The purpose is to identify the web browser used to connect to Facebook, regardless of which user is logged in. This cookie plays a key role in security. 2 years
      locale Facebook It stores the user's language. 7 days
      sa-user-id StackAdapt These third party advertising / targeting cookies record information about your website activity, such as the pages you’ve visited and the locations you’ve viewed to enable us to provide you with interest based content and personalised adverts on external websites. 1 year
      sa-user-id-v2 StackAdapt These third party advertising / targeting cookies record information about your website activity, such as the pages you’ve visited and the locations you’ve viewed to enable us to provide you with interest based content and personalised adverts on external websites. 1 year
      MUID Bing Identifies unique web browsers visiting Microsoft sites. These cookies are used for advertising, site analytics, and other operational purposes. 1 year
      bscookie Linkedin Used for remembering that a logged in user is verified by two factor authentication. 2 years
      JSESSIONID Linkedin Used for Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection. Session

  6. Ways to disable or remove cookies

    • Users may withdraw or modify their consent relating to cookies at any time, through the settings panel referred to in section 4 and listed in the following link, by using common platforms that may exist for this purpose or their browser.
    • Users wishing to withdraw their consent on the browser they use, must set it up as follows:
    • (i) Microsoft Internet Explorer: in the “Tools” menu option, select “Internet Options” and click on “Privacy”.
    • (ii) Firefox for Mac: in the “Preferences” menu option, by selecting “Privacy”, selecting the “Display cookies” section, and for Windows in the “Tools” menu item, selecting “Options”, clicking on “Privacy” and then “Use custom settings for history”.
    • (iii) Safari, in the Safari option, select “Preferences”, and “Privacy”.
    • (iv) Google Chrome, in the Tools menu option or Chrome tab (for Mac), by selecting “Options” (“Preferences” for Mac), go to “Advanced settings” and then to “Privacy and security” and “Website settings”, and lastly by clicking on “Cookies and site data”.
    • Please note that, if you have accepted third-party cookies, you must delete them from the options in the browser. In this regard, it is recommended that you consult the help section for your browser or visit one of the support sites for the main browsers:
    • You can also use tools to block cookie tracking, such as “do not track”.
  7. Update to the Cookies Policy and contact details

    This Cookies Policy may change depending on the cookies used. If new types of cookies are included whose use requires informed consent, the publisher will inform the visitor and record their due consent.

    Without prejudice to the above, the publisher recommends that you review this policy each time you access our Website, so that you are properly informed about how and why we use cookies and are aware of any changes in the type of data collected.

    If users have any queries concerning the Website's Cookies Policy, they may contact the publisher at the following address: with "Cookies Policy" in the subject line.