International advisory board

The purpose of Santander’s international advisory board is to provide strategic advice to the Group, with a strong focus on innovation, digital transformation, cybersecurity and new technologies. It will also deliver its insights regarding a broad variety of issues, such as capital market trends; corporate governance and talent; brand and reputation; regulatory matters and compliance; and global, customer-focused financial services. In this way, the Group benefits and receives structured and recurrent insights from international leaders who, due to other professional commitments, are not able to provide such support as members of the board. The international advisory board is expected to meet at least twice a year.

International advisory board composition

Chair Larry Summers Former Secretary of the US Treasury and President Emeritus and Charles W. Eliot University Professor of Harvard University
Members Sheila C. Bair Former Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and former President of Washington College
Mike Rhodin Supervisory board member of TomTom and director of HzO. Former IBM Watson Senior Vice President
Francisco D’Souza Managing Partner and co-founder at Recognize
James Whitehurst Senior Advisor at IBM and former CEO of Red Hat
George Kurtz CEO and co-founder of CrowdStrike. Former Chief Technology Officer of McAfee
Nadia Schadlow Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy and former Assistant to the President of the United States
Andreas Dombret Former board member of Deutsche Bundesbank, of Supervisory Board of the ECB and of Bank International Settlements and former Vice Chair of Bank of America in Europe
Carolyn Everson Director at The Coca-Cola Company and The Walt Disney Company. Former chair of Instacart and former vice-president of Global Business Group at Facebook (Meta)
Juan Ignacio Gallardo Thurlow Chair of Organización Cultiba, Grupo Azucarero México and Grupo GEPP (PepsiCo bottling company in Mexico)
Secretary Jaime Pérez Renovales