Board of directors

The composition of the board of directors is shown below. If you would like to know the professional profile of the directors, please click on each of them.

Ana Botín-Sanz de Sautuola y O'Shea

Group Executive chairman. Executive director

José Antonio Álvarez Álvarez

Vice chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). Executive director

Bruce Carnegie-Brown

Vice Chairman and Lead Independent Director. Non-executive director (independent)

Sergio Rial

Executive director

Homaira Akbari


Álvaro Antonio Cardoso de Souza

Non-executive director (independent)

Sol Daurella Comadrán

Non-executive director (independent)

Henrique de Castro

Non-executive director (independent)

Gina Díez Barroso


Ramiro Mato García-Ansorena

Non-executive director (independent)

Belén Romana García

Non-executive director (independent)

R. Martín Chávez Márquez

Non-executive director (independent)

Pamela Ann Walkden


Luis Isasi Fernández de Bobadilla

Non-executive director

Jaime Pérez Renovales

General Secretary and Secretary of the Board

Please refer to the following table to consult the composition of the board, indicating the dates of the first appointment and subsequent re-election of directors, as well as the composition of the board committees.

The board of directors aims to ensure that the external directors represent a broad majority over executive directors (currently 80% - 20%), and that, among these, the number of independent directors represents at least a third of all directors (currently 66.67%).

Likewise, the board of directors shall ensure that the procedures for selection of members guarantee the individual and collective expertise of directors, encourage diversity in terms of gender, age, geographical origin, experience and knowledge, and do not carry any implicit bias that could lead to any form of discrimination on grounds such as disability, race or ethnic origin. The board currently has a balanced presence of both genders (40% - 60%).

The Annual Corporate Governance Report provides more detailed information on the skills and competences of each director, the board skills and diversity matrix, as well as its commissions.

Following this link you may consult the Bank’s shares held by directors as well as the options over these shares.