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SIBC 2021 - Reunited: Partnerships for the planet and prosperity

The COVID-19 pandemic isolated us physically but also brought us together as never before. Now, as the exceptional measures are being lifted, we will require a new sense of purpose in which all actors – people, businesses, governments, educators, NGOs and multilateral organizations – embrace our responsibilities to one another and to society.

Santander virtual Meeting

Travel, tourism and recovery: Next steps

Santander Insights is a series of virtual dialogues that we launched in 2020 as a means to maintain public debate on crucial issues through the COVID confinement and subsequent restrictions.

This panel will examine the impact of COVID-19 on the people and business that work in travel and tourism; the unique challenges facing the sector; and what will be needed in 2021 and beyond to rebuild. Participants will discuss the most effective policies and measures to safely revive travel, expected timelines, the role of governments and the impact of an impending vaccine. The opportunities and challenges in “greening” tourism will also be examined. 

Santander International Banking Conference

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