As one of our most important strategic assets, our brand helps us connect with people and businesses, demonstrating our commitment to prosperity and determination to bring it to life in a positive and sustainable manner every day.

Our brand represents our Group in all markets where we are present, representing the consistency of our solid standing and trustworthiness, and our steadfast commitment to employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

For more than 160 years our brand has constantly evolved, revitalizing and adapting to the requirements of the markets where it is present.

These last few years have been key for securing our position of leadership as we continue to focus on meaningful innovation, international expansion, and our steadfast commitment ever-growing responsibility in banking practices.

The Santander Brand is a sum total of many experiences. It is a true reflection of who we are and how we express ourselves through visual elements such as our logotype, symbol and emblematic red color, as well as our typography and photographic style, our verbal identity and our tone of voice when we engage and communicate with people.

What we do, how we behave and engage with people, and everything we say and how we say it comprises all that our brand is and what it stands for.

One of the most recognisable elements of our iconic brand is the Santander flame.

It represents the element of fire, evoking the role it has played in human evolution and prosperity: an ally that has helped us evolve and advance as a species.

It has been part of the Santander brand since 1986, representing where we have come from and where we are headed, just as our name evokes our origins: a small city in the northern region of Spain; a name which represents the cornerstone of our legacy since the bank was founded in 1857.

But let’s not forget the most significant thing: our brand comes to life not just through words, but most importantly in actions. 

And it’s through our actions that we can be truly relevant to people.
Helping them realize their aspirations, dreams and projects. 
Essentially, contributing in an active manner to their prosperity.

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