Our sponsorship strategy combines global sponsorships for all the Group with local sponsorships in our 10 main markets

Global sponsorships give us recognition and visibility as an international brand, and contribute to our reputation as a strong and solid bank around the world. While our local sponsorships are closer help us to physically and emotionally connect with clients in different countries. 

Sponsorships are a powerful tool that let us support business, consolidate the brand both at a local and international level, increase the emotional connection with our people, customers, shareholders and communities, and communicate the mission of the bank, to help people and businesses prosper.

From 2007 to 2017 we sponsored Formula 1 (F1), first with the McLaren team and then, with Scuderia Ferrari. During these years, recognition of the Santander brand increased worldwide and we strengthened our position as a leading global bank.

In 2018, we said goodbye to F1 and, until 2021, we were world sponsors of the world’s most prestigious football club tournament, the UEFA Champions League, reaching massive audiences in Santander’s main markets in Europe and the Americas.



Thanks to the sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, we strengthened our links with football, after 12 years sponsoring the Latin America’s main football competition, the Conmebol Libertadores, and in Spain, LaLiga Santander since 2016.

Additionally, in the most important markets for the bank, we complemented global sponsorships with more local sponsorships mainly focused on sports, culture and entertainment (art, theater, music, gastronomy, etc.) such as La Liga in Spain, Santander Cycles in the UK and gastronomy and fashion events in Brazil.


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