Responsible business practices

Commercialisation of products and services and consumer protection

Our Product Governance and Consumer Protection function, within our Compliance and Conduct area, designs the crucial elements for the appropriate management and control of marketing and consumer protection.

Likewise, our corporate consumer protection policy sets out the specific criteria to identify, organise and execute the principles of consumer protection for our customers, and also sets out the specific criteria for the control and monitoring of compliance.

Financial education is a key element in start relationship with our customers and is part of our principles of consumer protection. We are committed to promoting financial knowledge, educating on how to use banking services effectively and generating more confidence and security in their use.

Customer experience

Service quality and customer satisfaction are fundamental to Santander’s strategy, and a continual effort is made to assure and improve the quality of the service the Bank provides. Santander makes use of a corporate model to manage quality and the customer experience. Meeting the needs of customers, improving segmentation, simplifying processes as well as identifying and sharing best practices from the countries, allows and ensures continuously quality and satisfaction.

Santander's value proposition responds to the demands of different customer profiles. The continuous improvement of the multichannel proposition, with new digital applications, innovative products and successful commercial strategies, has led to a notable increase in loyal and digital customers.

The Bank is transforming its commercial model to offer greater availability and a more direct approach through digital channels, but without forgetting Santander's trademark personal approach and service. We are renovating them to create a better customer experience with an innovative and functional design to make them more comfortable. We have stripped out architectural barriers to make them accessible to all and increased the technology available to provide a more agile and personalised service.

The Group procedure for complaint management and analysis aims to adequately handle any complaints submitted, ensuring compliance with the local and sectoral regulations applicable, and to provide customers with the best possible service.

Responsible procurement

We have a model and policy for managing our suppliers, setting out a common methodology for all countries to follow when selecting, approving and evaluating suppliers. In addition to traditional criteria such as price and quality of service, sustainability issues are included in this methodology. Where necessary, both the supplier and Santander are advised to change processes and practices.

We have strengthened the principles of responsible behaviour for suppliers, which have been included in our supplier certification policy. These principles establish the minimum principles that we expect from our suppliers in the areas of ethics and conduct, social matters (human rights, health and safety and diversity and inclusion) and the environment. These principles are aligned with the ten principles of the Global Compact. 

We also have a whistleblowing channel for suppliers, through which any supplier that provides services to Banco Santander, S.A. or its subsidiaries are able to report inappropriate conduct by Group employees which breaches the framework of the contractual relationship between the supplier and Santander.