Responsible business practices

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen to them and strive to enhance their experience with us by identifying vulnerabilities and selling products properly.

Transforming customer experience

In 2020, we built on our customer strategy to continue providing the best service based on listening. We used interactive channels to better understand their needs and simplified our processes and product catalogue.

Our aim is to be a leader in customer satisfaction (top 3 in Net Promoter Score) in all our geographies. In 2020, we ranked in the top 3 in six out of nine countries.

The group’s complaints handling procedure bolsters customer service. It draws on consistent criteria to generate clear resolutions aligned to local regulations. Our agile and efficient governance models offer the best service possible to customers.

Consumer protection and helping vulnerable customers

Our Compliance and Conduct division has a consumer protection policy in place to uphold the highest ethical standards. The product governance and customer protection function makes sure our products and services meet customer needs, are sold through the proper channels and obtain expected outcomes. We identify potential risks from new regulations or issues with products and services that jeopardize consumer protection. 

Our guides on how to treat vulnerable customers in all of our countries consider their personal circumstances and how to avoid over-indebtedness. 

Our financial education website is a crucial component of our relationship with customers and our consumer protection principles. We pledge to stimulate financial knowledge by teaching customers how to benefit from banking services, thus generating more trust and safe use.

Responsible procurement

Our suppliers’ activities have an impact on society and the environment. We expect them to act responsibly and uphold ethical, social and sustainability standards as we do.

We have a policy that sets out a common methodology for all countries to follow when selecting, approving and evaluating suppliers. In addition to such traditional criteria as price and service quality, it includes diversity and inclusion; human rights; and sustainability. We apply those criteria to 8,651 of our key suppliers each year.