Community investment

We promote numerous initiatives and local projects that contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the communities where we are present.

In order to do so, we work closely with the third sector (NGOs) with which we maintain a constant dialogue through meetings, interviews, forums and awareness days. All in order to identify possible forms of collaboration that allow us to contribute to the real needs of society.

Our main lines of action are:

We support numerous initiatives that strengthen the different educational programs of each country, providing equal opportunities to all children, and supporting the sustainable development of communities. Our activities are mainly focused in Latin America.

We promote local programs that teach children the importance of saving and help young people who start an independent life and families in making their basic decisions. Likewise, we offer educational programs, workshops and financial training to our SME and independent customers, so they are capable of boosting their business.

We promote the improvement of the quality of life of people through social inclusion programs for vulnerable groups, prevention of diseases and promotion of health, and promotion of people with disabilities.

Santander supports cultural initiatives mainly through:

  • The Santander Foundation, which supports activities in the fields of art, education and young talent, literature, the environment and science.
  • Santander Cultural, which offers programmes in visual arts, culture, music, education and films.

With the impulse of these initiatives, some in close collaboration with employees and clients, we contribute to achieving three of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations: supporting the health and well-being of communities, promoting quality education and promoting decent work and economic growth.

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