Risk Culture

Our risk management and compliance model is key ensuring we operate and behave in a way that reflects our values and corporate culture, and delivers our responsible banking strategy.

And it is based on three lines of defence: 1) business support units, 2) risk management and compliance units, 3) and internal audit. The board of directors is responsible for the risk control and management, and, in particular, for setting the risk appetite for the Group.

Of particular interest in the area of responsible banking are risks related to compliance, conduct, digitalisation and climate change, as well as the analysis of social, environmental and reputational risks.

Risk culture as part of our corporate culture - Risk Pro

Risk management is underpinned  by a shared culture that ensures that all employees understand and manage the risks that are part of their daily work. And is reinforced in all the Group’s units by initiatives like raising awareness on risk throughout employee’s life cycle, training activities with the Risk Pro Banking School and Academy, the diffusion of best practices and initiatives across the various communications channels, the constant evaluation of the risk culture itself to detect any potential areas for improvement, all of it ensuring a sound internal risk management and governance.