The objective of this initiative, promoted by Banco Santander since 2012 together with Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) and the University of Cantabria, is to foster financial inclusion and culture in society.

In 2021, the programme had 155 volunteer trainers from the financial institution, it strengthened its digital activity, increased its training content and expanded the groups to which it provided knowledge in basic finance.

Madrid, 27 January 2022.
Banco Santander remains committed to the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable groups as part of its responsible banking agenda. Its aim is to financially empower 10 million people worldwide between 2019 and 2025 through three key lines of action: helping unbanked people to access basic financial services, offering specific and tailored products for those with low income or in economic difficulties and fostering resilience through financial education.

In the latter area, the bank is promoting one of the most successful and recognised programmes in Spain, Finance for Mortals, coordinated by the Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) and in collaboration with the University of Cantabria.

Finance for Mortals benefited 75,320 people in 2021, through its various financial education activities and actions, 15% more than in 2020.

The training sessions provided by the programme, both on-site and online, teach financial concepts to the most financially vulnerable groups (children and young people, the elderly, migrant women, men and women in custody, and other groups at risk of exclusion) to help them take the best decisions on how to administer their resources, use online banking and maintain security, and protect their finances.

The aim is to help those who need it to better understand the current financial and economic culture with a clear inclusive objective.

Among other actions, FxM has held more than 400 training sessions that were given thanks to the work of 155 volunteer trainers from Banco Santander. These volunteers are responsible for delivering the financial education workshops to different groups.

For 2022, the programme is already working on creating new multimedia content of interest for all audiences and will work on five main themes: basic financial concepts, digital financial education, products and services, personal finance management and sustainable finance.

Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) and the UCEIF Foundation
Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) is a research centre specialising in the financial sector. Its aim is to be an international benchmark in this field. This centre was created in 2012 as a result of the collaboration agreement signed by Banco Santander, the University of Cantabria and the Foundation for Studies and Research in the Financial Sector (UCEIF).

The UCEIF was founded in 2006 as result of the collaboration between the University of Cantabria and Banco Santander, through its corporate area Santander Universities (, in order to become a national and international benchmark in the generation and transfer of financial knowledge.