Banco Santander held its 2023 Annual General Meeting, where shareholders approved the 2022 financial statements, corporate management and other business. The event was held at the El Solaruco Training Centre at the Santander Group City corporate offices in Madrid. Executive Chair Ana Botín presided over the executive panel formed by the bank’s Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary.

Ana Botín said today at the group’s annual general meeting that the bank has added 1 million new customers in the first part of the year, with lending and deposits expected to grow in the first quarter by 4% and 6% respectively year-on-year in constant euros, and revenues growing at double-digit on the same basis.

The bank received approval for a final cash dividend of 5.95 euro cents per share against 2022 results. This means that the total cash dividend per share for 2022 will be up 18% versus the previous year at 11.78 euro cents.

Shareholders also voted to re-elect Ana Botín, Santander Group Executive Chair, as a director, and ratified the appointment of Héctor Grisi, Chief Executive Officer, as a director.

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Ana Botín
Héctor Grisi

View and download high-resolution photos from the Annual General Meeting here.

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