The bank is developing a new digital tool for debit purchases, bills, transfers and even Bizums, and is available on the app and the bank's website.

Users will be able to finance up to €1,000 in three monthly instalments, without interest, for a single fee and without the need for a credit card.

Madrid, 20 June 2023 - PRESS RELEASE
Banco Santander launches Pagolisto, a new feature to finance purchases and account transfers without the need for a credit card. This new payment option is tailored specifically for customers who prefer to buy with a debit card but need financing at certain times.

Pagolisto is a virtual credit line that the customer takes out to split transactions from their account. The credit limit is determined by the amount of the transaction you want to defer. You can finance one or several purchases made with the debit card up to an amount of €1,000, in three monthly instalments, without interest and for a single fee.

In addition to debit card payments, you can also select bills, transfers or bizums, i.e. you select a transaction or several transactions from your account and split the cost over three months for a single fee. The fee is €2 to finance amounts up to €200; €5 to finance amounts from €200 to €300; €7 for €300 to €500; and €12 if the amount financed is between €500 and €1,000.

The credit line can be taken out in three clicks from the app or the bank's website and the outstanding instalments can be viewed at any time. Moreover, it doesn't generate any physical plastic and after three months, once the last instalment has been paid, it will be automatically cancelled without any additional costs. There is also no issue or cancellation fee after three months.

Credit card customers also have access to this tool, but it will be issued against the existing card limit.