The emergence of innovative money transfer systems and payment methods has changed our habits in recent years. Simple and inclusive tools such as Bizum, Todo Pago, App Way and CoDi that we can use through digital banking are leading the way in several countries.

What is Bizum?

Bizum is a platform on the mobile apps of 26 Spanish entities that offer the service. This money transfer and payment system started out as a project to innovate Spain’s banking sector, in which Santander participated.

Why use Bizum? 

Bizum allows you to make secure, instant transfers to friends and relatives, online payments to affiliated businesses and to donate money to NGOs. The app has gained popularity in situations such as dining out with friends, buying a gift between siblings or organizing events with colleagues.

What do you need to send money via Bizum? 

You need a bank account in Spain, to be a customer of a bank that offers Bizum, a mobile phone number, and to download your bank's app to sign up for the service. 

How to activate and use Bizum to make and receive payments  

Once you meet the above requirements, all you need to do is sign up, as explained in this Openbank article. Bizum is free, and each entity sets the maximum amount that can be sent.

This video shows you how to activate Bizum on the Banco Santander Spain app:

Instructions on how to use Bizum in Santander's mobile app

Other banks have a similar activation process. You must register before you can start using Bizum in order to link your bank account to your telephone number. Once  enabled, you will receive a text message with an activation code to confirm your identity. From that moment on, you can send, request and receive money from any of the contacts saved on your smartphone who also have Bizum. You can transfer money immediately and free of charge to friends, relatives and acquaintances without needing their account number or visiting a branch.

Sending money is easy. All you need to do is open the app, select the recipient, enter the amount and the transaction completes automatically. 

How do I use Bizum when shopping online? 

When using Bizum to make an online payment, choose the "pay with Bizum" option from among the payment methods. Enter your password and telephone number, and the purchase is made. The bank is responsible for validating the transaction.

Is Bizum secure?

It’s just as secure as your bank’s app because the bank carries out the transfer. Bizum only acts as a bridge that connects both sides of the transaction.

Todo Pago, App Way, CoDi and many more!

Other payment methods like Bizum that you can use in various countries, as long as you have a bank account, are:

Todo Pago and MODO

In Argentina, Todo Pago is a digital wallet where you can hold your credit and debit cards to make online purchases without a physical card. 

Todo Pago is very easy to set up. You only need to enter your details once, and then access it using the preset username and password. You can use Todo Pago to make online purchases and payments without having to re-enter your details, as well as pay for services and taxes, and make top-ups.

On the other hand, MODO, is an easy, safe and fast platform to send transfers, orders and payments to a mobile phone number through Santander Argentina's app or online banking website.  

What is Santander Tap?

In Mexico, customers use Santander Tap to make transfers to their contacts with a special keyboard available on any instant messaging app, with no need to open mobile banking or register beneficiaries' bank accounts. How does it work? Just select who you want to send money to, enter the amount and accept. 

How does Santander TAP work?
Learn how to use it with Android and iOS

Santander Mexico customers can also transfer funds to accounts with other banks through CLABE, a fast and easy-to-use system found on Santander's mobile banking platform. 

Also in Mexico, CoDi is a digital platform to make payments and receive money through immediate electronic transfers using QR code and NFC sensor technology, from your mobile and to any bank. How does CoDi work? Electronic transfers carried out in seconds, without fees, with no need for cash and in a secure and efficient manner. 

How to pay with CoDi in Santander Mexico

App Way 

In Brazil, Santander's App Way platform enables you to use your online card (Cartão Online), as well as sending and receiving money, making payments using QR codes and making shared purchases with friends efficiently and securely. It tracks movements in real time and allows you to control your expenses. 


What is Paym? A mobile payment service in the UK, offered by various banks including Santander. Similar to Bizum, it lets you send money and make payments by linking a mobile phone to a bank account. It’s free and available within the mobile apps of affiliated entities. It’s also secure, because you can’t send payments without using the password or security code associated with your online banking app.

What is Paym?
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