"Everyone is a risk manager."
Ana Botín

"A bank's business consists of managing the risks."
José Antonio Álvarez


Credit Risk, Interest Rate Risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, reputational risk; there are many types of risks and that is why its analysis and quantification is key for our purpose of being a Simple, Personal and Fair bank.

Who we are...

We are a control and supervision function in charge of overseeing all risks within the Group. Our team is one of lines of defense of the bank. Each and every one of us, regardless of our role, must be responsible for the risks that we face in our daily lives.

What we do…

We are responsible of the control and supervision of risks within the Group. Working on risks and governance means doing it from a management perspective that contributes to the sustainable progress of people and companies.

Why you should join us...

You will have the opportunity to have a holistic knowledge of the business in its different aspects and the risks it faces. Relationship with different banks of the Group, as well as, with Top management in all risk issues.