Environmental footprint

Santander is firmly committed to contributing to the protection of the environment, so we work to reduce our footprint in the countries where we operate.

We believe that measuring, managing and reducing our environmental impact is an essential part of being a Responsible Bank. Therefore, Santander Group performs the measurement, calculation and control of consumption, waste management and emissions of greenhouse gases arising from our facilities around the world. As a result, we understand our impact and detect possibilities of minimisation, in order to be more respectful to the environment.

So far, several energy efficiency and sustainability plans have been implemented in the Group in order to ensure our environmental impact is kept to an absolute minimum. Also multiple initiatives and investments have been developed, which have allowed us to reduce the electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and paper consumption. Other issues addressed are the improvement of waste management and raising awareness.

Looking ahead, we will maintain our firm commitment to the environment and we will continue setting ambitious targets to help reduce our footprint. For more information about Santander footprint, please, consult the Annual Report 2018.