The central areas of the bank will move to a new building in the Arts District in the city of Buenos Aires this year. A change that will help drive the cultural transformation being experienced at the bank.  

19/2/2019 2019 will see the move to Garay, the new corporate building for the central areas of Santander Argentina, which is a milestone in the cultural transformation being experienced at the bank. Changes in habit aligned with three cornerstones of management: People, Spaces and Technology.

The move process, scheduled to take place in 11 waves this year, was foreshadowed in 2018 with the arrival of around 60 employees, mostly from Maintenance, Security and Technology. The moving will be stepped up over the first six months of the year.

Garay, which has capacity for 2,500 employees, will provide a better day-to-day experience for everyone: including work spaces that favour interaction between teams, natural light on all floors, a gym, a medical centre, dining rooms, a conference centre open to the community, open-air spaces and other facilities.

There will also be an improvement in aspects relating to new ways of working and to functional transformation in the design of spaces, furniture and technology, which will drive change in the way things are done. This will all facilitate mobility and integrated, horizontal, collaborative management by project, which will lead to an increase in dynamics and also improved knowledge and understanding of people.

Employees will also have more possibilities for a healthier day-to-day, strengthening the bank's integration into the community through artistic activities and exhibitions, as the new building is in the central Arts District of the city of Buenos Aires.