More than 150 investors, market experts and journalists found out about the past and future initiatives carried out by Santander Brazil to help people and businesses prosper  

10/11/2019  More than 150 investors met at 033 Rooftop, Santander Brazil's event venue in São Paulo, for Santander Brazil's 1st Investor Day. Sérgio Rial, CEO of Santander in the country, gave an opening speech filled with important messages about the paths the Bank will take in the next three years.

"There is a benign macroeconomic framework for us to grow in, and the Bank is ready to move forward", stated Sérgio Rial. "We will remain obsessed with expanding our customer base and we haven't even started harnessing the potential and synergies of companies in our ecosystem. At the same time, we'll be transforming the Bank's operational platform. We've already got the best efficiency index in the system. Imagine what else we can do...", he concluded.

In addition to presentations by the business areas, event attendees toured an experimentation circuit to have first-hand contact with the most innovative solutions aimed at taking transformation across the entirety of Brazil.