Ninety students from 12 countries will be able to experience linguistic and cultural immersion for three weeks at the University of Liverpool, East Anglia University and Coventry University. 

Another 1,200 beneficiaries will have free access for three months to the online English programme Learn English Select.

Madrid, 5 March 2020.- Santander and the British Council have launched the Santander British Council Summer Experience Scholarships, 90 full scholarships to foster the learning of English and knowledge of British culture among young people from 12 countries in the international networks in which both institutions operate. 

This initiative will provide 90 Santander Scholarships for three weeks of linguistic and cultural immersion at the University of Liverpool, East Anglia University and Coventry University, including travel and living expenses. Scholarships for online English courses will be granted to 1,200 applicants. Beneficiaries will have free access for three months to the various levels of the British Council's Learn English Select online English courses.

The recipients of this support are undergraduate and masters students and recent graduates of universities in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. 

Applications can be made at this link until 30 March, via

The Santander British Council Summer Experience Scholarships are an expression of the commitment of Banco Santander and the British Council to creating educational opportunities and international mobility to improve the employment prospects of the next generations. These scholarships will also take into account geographic diversity and socioeconomic criteria to ensure social inclusion.

Mark Howard, director of the British Council in Spain, says that "there is a consensus on the need for today's students and professionals to possess the skills and knowledge that enable them to deal with and work in a globalised, connected and diverse world. In this context, English – the number one foreign language in Europe and the language of the internet, business and diplomacy – serves as a vehicle for international mobility for students and workers. At the British Council, we have been assisting its dissemination in 110 countries for around nine decades and our cooperation with Santander enables us to continue fostering the creation of educational opportunities among young people globally".

Javier López, global head of Social Impact, adds "intercultural and linguistic mobility is essential for the academic and professional development of university students. Learning to deal with other cultural environments and colleagues of other nationalities is among the skills that young people require to enjoy a greater chance of success in the future. In this regard, this Santander Scholarships programme with the British Council represents an excellent opportunity to assist the international mobility of students".

Banco Santander and its commitment to education

Banco Santander is firmly committed to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth, with a longstanding dedication to higher education that distinguishes it from other financial institutions. 

With over EUR 1,880 million invested in academic initiatives since 2002 via Santander Universities and over 440,000 university scholarships and grants awarded since 2005, it has been recognised as the company that invests most in education in the world (Varkey / UNESCO / Fortune 500 report), with 1,000 agreements with universities and institutions in 22 countries.

About the British Council 

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Through British culture it changes lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. It works with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Last year, we reached more than 80 million people directly and 791 million people overall, including online, through broadcasts and publications.

It has been present in Spain since 1940, currently carrying out its activity in these centres. Every year it reaches thousands of Spanish students, educators, politicians, academics, researchers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Further details about its activity in Spain.