Principal payment holiday for 3 or 6 months 

Automatic overdraft renewal by 2 months 

3-month fee waiver for Konto Godne Polecenia business account

Option to order POS terminals remotely

Warsaw, 20 March 2020 
Santander Bank Polska has provided even more options for its SME customers to help them. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been among the segments most severely affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the Polish market. We are aware of their importance to the economy and we have been proactively supporting them so that they survive these challenging times. We understand their business needs and we have been providing them with customer-friendly and flexible financial solutions for many years now. What businesses need the most today is financial liquidity which will mitigate thenegative impact of the economic slowdown that we have recently observed, said Mateusz Hammer, Santander Bank Polska’s SME Segment Manager.

The Bank has abandoned the requirement to make a transfer to the Polish social security institution (‘ZUS’) for the Konto Godne Polecenia (business account) fee waiver to apply. The fee waiver will be offered to customers who paid their social security premium in January or February 2020 out of their Konto Godne Polecenia or who opened their account in February, March or April 2020.   If one of the abovementioned criteria is met, the Bank will automatically cancel the fee for a 3-month period (March, April and May).

Other support includes an option to order a POS terminal remotely.To order a POS terminal, use the form available on the website or call 1 9999. The POS agreement will be sent to your e-mail address for you to accept it remotely. The terminal will be delivered by a courier and Elavon will telephonically train you how to use it.You can order your POS terminal as part of Poland non-cash payment initiative (Polska Bezgotówkowa) offering a free terminal for 12 months. If you do not qualify for the initiative, Santander Bank Polska has a special offer for you: I have a six (Dostałem szóstkę) offering a free terminal for 6 months.Our Bank offers mobile, portable and countertop terminals.

Last week, the Bank enabled its customers to defer their principal credit payments for 3 or 6 months in a fast-track remote application process or to have their overdrafts falling due shortly renewed automatically for 2 months.  Santander Leasing has also offered an option for customers to have they principal payments postponed.

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