Santander Bank Polska will not charge the fee for a failure to meet the required limit of transactions crediting business accounts and the account management fees starting from 1 April 2020 until further notice.  

Warsaw, 20 March 2020 
Before 1 April 2020, the fee for a failure to meet the required limit of credit transactions to the account was 0.25% of the disbursed loan per month and the management fee was 0.065% of the utilised loan per quarter.  

The pandemic has had a negative impact on many companies.  We understand responsible banking as responding to customers’ needs, especially in the current circumstances.  To respond to such needs, we have developed a complex support package to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with financial assistance.  

Santander Bank Polska’s support package for small and medium-sized enterprises includes the following solutions: 

  • deferment of principal credit payments for 3 or 6 months in a fast-track remote application process,  
  • credit security option - de minimis guarantee up to 80% of the utilised loan for the period of up to 39 months, with no fee (the fee is 0%), 
  • automatic 2-month renewal of overdrafts falling due shortly,   
  • deferral of Santander Leasing principal payments, 
  • waiver of the fee for Konto Firmowe Godne Polecenia (provided that the waiver criteria are met),
  • option to order POS terminals remotely,
  • assistance provided via inFakt helpline (tax advice, settlements with the social security institution, remote accounting processes, governmental solutions),
  • longer period for the use of free terminals as part of Poland’s non-cash payment initiative (Polska Bezgotówkowa),  
  • higher limit for non-cash transactions: up to PLN 100.  

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