Santiago, 26 March 2020
The CEO of Banco Santander, Claudio Melandri, has promised that his institution will participate in the Private Emergency Fund for Health in Chile, promoted by the chairman of the Confederation of Production and Trade (CPC), Juan Sutil. 

Claudio Melandri personally told Sutil the bank's decision to not only make a significant contribution to the fund, but to send a message to other business groups, companies and families in order to meet and, if possible, exceed the goal set out by the chairman of the CPC, which was to grow the fund, initially created with $34,000 million, to $50,000 million.

The Santander CEO stated that the bank has expressly assumed a commitment, at local and international level, to helping to fight the pandemic that is affecting the world, with initiatives that include contributions such as the one announced today and other actions for supporting and caring for customers and partners.

About Banco Santander Chile

Santander Chile is one of the largest banks in the country in terms of total assets, loans and wealth. At 31 December 2019, the bank held total assets amounting to Ch$50,578,246 million (US$67,675 million), net placements to Ch$31,823,735 million (US$42,581 million), total deposits to Ch$23,490,249 million (US$ 31,431 million) and wealth to Ch$3,470,317 million (US$4,643 million).  It had 11,200 employees and a large network in Chile of 377 private branches. Its headquarters is located in Santiago and the bank operates in Chile's main regions. Its long-term credit rating is A1 from Moody’s, A from Fitch, A from Standard & Poor's, and A+ from JCR.