The winners of the Best Place to Innovate awards are selected on the basis of a 360-degree assessment (i.e. relying on the opinion of senior executives, suppliers and customers) of the company at different levels. Santander was the only bank included in the 2019 ranking.

17/10/2019  For the fourth consecutive year, Banco Santander was one of the companies with the best management of innovation in Chile, according to the Best Place to Innovate ranking of the most innovative businesses in the country.

The ranking was created using the InnovAccionMeter tool to measure a company's innovative potential and capacity to manage innovation. It considers the opinions of senior executives, employees, suppliers and customers to assess the company at different levels on the basis of certain mandatory parameters.

"This year, we were the only bank in the ranking. We are really proud of this fact because it recognises the work we're doing and ranks us a leading company in the constant search for and development of new tools to offer better experiences and benefits to our customers, people, suppliers and communities", stated Marco Thomas, head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Banco Santander.

Willem Schol, chair of Best Place to Innovate, explained that "in a world where the new generations are radically changing how we think and act, where technology makes it necessary to progress in giant leaps and where the times to develop business models are increasingly shorter, innovation cannot be a mere temporary craze. The starting point for any company, regardless of its industry, must be the diagnosis and understanding of where its innovative potential and capacity to manage innovation can be found".

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the 20 companies included in the study, which belong to different sectors, including mining, retail, food and beverages, telecommunications, personal hygiene and home products, fuel, energy, pharmaceutics, healthcare services, financial services and insurance.

Pie de foto: Marcos Thomas, head of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Santander Chile, received the award with Gabriela de Solminihac, head of projects.