Goethe University Frankfurt and University Hospital take action against the corona virus.

Focus on research and patient care.

Mönchengladbach/Frankfurt, March 26th 2020. The Goethe University Frankfurt together with the University Hospital Frankfurt has established the Goethe Corona Fund to further research the SARS-CoV-2 virus and to ensure patient care. Santander supports the project with a donation of 30,000 euros .

"Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We all agree on that." With these words Prof. Dr. Birgitta Wolff, President of the Goethe University, Prof. Dr. Josef M. Pfeilschifter, Dean of the Medical Faculty and Prof. Dr. Jürgen, Medical Director at the University Hospital Frankfurt, appealed to the Friends of the University in an appeal for donations. The fact that Santander Germany is one of them is due to the cooperation between the Santander Universities Division and the university, which has been in place since 2012. 

Therefore, Fernando Silva, member of the Santander Managing Board, did not hesitate for long when he heard about the initiative: "The corona crisis has unimaginable effects on all of us - on society, the economy, the universities and companies, but above all on us as people. Therefore, as partners and friends of the Goethe University, we would like to support the fund on behalf of Santander Germany with a donation"

The fund will be invested in four areas. In research and development in the field of virology and intensive care medicine, in training and simulation courses for students, nurses and doctors, in the protection of employees with appropriate protective equipment and in the maintenance of the university infrastructure, which is also necessary in the current crisis. Quote from the President or Vice President: "SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is currently putting the whole world - each and every one of us, but also our political, economic and social systems - to the test, forces us all to join forces and ask for additional financial resources. We thank our long-standing partner Santander for its generous support. True friends are most recognizable in times of crisis, not just when the sun is shining”. 

In order to be able to implement as many of the planned measures as possible, additional donors are still being sought, both companies and private individuals. Donations can be made in two ways: directly via the donation project on betterplace.org at https://www.betterplace.org/p78009 or as a transfer to the Goethe University's donations account .

Banco Santander is firmly committed to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth, with a longstanding dedication to higher education that distinguishes it from other financial institutions. With over EUR 1,880 million invested in academic initiatives since 2002 via Santander Universities and over 440,000 university scholarships and grants awarded since 2005, it has been recognised as the company that invests most in education in the world (Varkey / UNESCO / Fortune 500 report), with 1,000 agreements with universities and institutions in 22 countries.

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