With the initial contribution from the four companies and from OXXO and Fundación Televisa, who are also providing seed capital, the fund is starting out with enough to donate to protective equipment to just over 15,000 medical and nursing professionals and has an estimated end target of 70,000 beneficiaries. 

Mexico demands sensitivity and unity from its companies at this time. 

Mexico City, 28 April 2020.

Grupo Coppel, Fundación FEMSA, Santander Mexico and Soriana have agreed to join forces to create a donations fund that will increase citizen donations by fourfold; the funds raised will be donated to help protect medical staff and nurses in the public healthcare service. OXXO and Fundación Televisa also joined the fund as seed capital investors and will also help disseminate the initiative. 

With the initial contribution of these six companies to the fund, it is estimated that the donation will help protect the first 15 thousand members of the medical staff and nurses of the healthcare sector, including face masks, in accordance with the specifications established by the healthcare institutions. 

According to their firm commitment to the social responsibility policies, these companies will join forces for the first time to create the fund, which will receive donations until 30 June. The account is:


ACCOUNT: 65501821470

INTERBANK CODE: 014680655018214704

Anyone can make a direct donation to this account, or use one of Santander's over nine thousand ATMs across the country; for each peso donated by the community, Grupo Coppel, Fundación FEMSA, Santander and Soriana will donate an additional four pesos to reach the goal of providing protective equipment to 70,000 medical and nursing professionals. This is in addition to the support already being provided by each company during the pandemic. 

"Mexico urges its companies to be more sensitive and united in these difficult times, and it is for this reason that thousands of collaborators of Grupo Coppel, Fundación FEMSA, Santander and Soriana have joined the fund to contribute to the sustainability of healthcare staff and reduce the risk of contagion while recognizing their value and expressing our utmost gratitude and solidarity." 

“We have a long-term commitment to Mexico and, although each company is also running its own initiatives, we are joining forces for this fund, with the main message to the community that all we should be spreading is solidarity," said Rocío Guerrero Lizárraga, Head of Social Responsibility at Coppel Group; Lorena Guillé-Laris, Head of FEMSA Foundation; Marcela Espinosa Macías, Head of Sustainability at Santander Mexico; Claudia Aguado Hernández, Deputy Head of the Soriana Foundation; and Alicia Lebrija Hirschfeld, CEO of the Televisa Foundation, in a joint statement. 

OXXO is participating in the seed capital used to launch this account with a donation from café andatti; the Televisa Foundation, in addition to contributing to the initial fund, is also helping the initiative through dissemination on television slots to promote the initiative and raise awareness about the importance of the work of healthcare professionals at this time. 

Participating companies will use their digital channels to provide transparent information on the progress of the fund and the allocation of the funds raised through both the seed capital and the contribution of four pesos for each peso donated by the community. The protective equipment for medical and nursing professionals will be handed over directly to the healthcare institutions in the public sector. 

The initiative of these six companies will join the efforts of MéxicoxMéxico, a group of citizens, organizations and foundations acting in response to the covid-19 emergency. You can read more about this at the mexicoxmexico.org platform.