Santander Mexico and BBVA Mexico have provided the local government with an app for people to perform a covid-19 self-diagnosis, find their nearest hospital and receive official information, easily and securely. 

Telcel will provide free access, with no charge for the data used by the app. 

The app will connect to other public services, such as Locatel and the SMS service launched by Mexico City to fight the pandemic. 

Mexico City, 6 May 2020
As of today, Mexico City's government is providing citizens with a mobile app developed by Banco Santander Mexico and BBVA Mexico. The app is designed to inform users about the pandemic, enable them to perform a covid-19 self-diagnosis, help prevent its spread, avert overcrowding in hospitals, and provide reliable information to the authorities in real time.

The app was developed in two parts: 

  1. Mobile application (covid-19 CDMX app). The app, available for Android and iOS devices, allows users to perform self-diagnosis, track the symptoms of several people, find hospitals and check their capacity, and consult official information. It also includes advice and FAQs. 
  2. Command control. The Mexico City government will manage the platform centrally with the command control. This brings together all the data generated by the app in real time, providing online control and tracking for a prompt response.

Personal data from the platform will be managed and processed exclusively by the Mexico City government and strictly to prevent, contain, control and mitigate the spread of covid-19 in Mexico City.

The non-exclusive free user licence provides the authorities with a tool with which to apply global best practices in managing the virus among the population quickly, as seen in countries like South Korea, Spain and China. 

This app is yet another service unveiled by the local government. It follows the official covid-19 information and diagnosis service whereby users can send an SMS with the word "covid19" to 51515; contact the Mexico City authorities directly via Facebook; consult the website; or call LOCATEL on 5658-1111. APP CDMX and the website also provide information on hospital capacity. 

Meanwhile, Telcel says its customers will get free access, with no cost for the data used by the app. It will also be providing support for free text messaging (SMS) to the official service with the word “covid19” to 51515 and by pointing users to the local government's website for official information

Operation of the covid-19 CDMX app 

This app enables users to perform a covid-19 self-diagnosis with the official government screening test in just two steps (secure registration in the app and questionnaire). The results will tell them if they are safe, need to self-isolate or should seek medical attention. For those families without access to a mobile phone, a single user can perform the self-diagnosis test for several people and track their symptoms. 

Users can find the nearest public hospitals equipped to handle emergency cases on a map in one click, with details on the hospital's capacity and availability. The app also provides direct calling to Locatel and essential information on covid-19, with important advice and FAQs. 

Users can delete their account and the app data whenever they want. 

The covid-19 CDMX app can be downloaded for free to Android devices from the Google Play Store with the iOS version coming soon. Both banks (Santander and BBVA Mexico) will provide free access to the platform for other Mexican institutions to help fight the pandemic.

Download the app: 

Google Play Store:

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