The “Covid19 Tiempo de Juego-Santander” initiative, developed in collaboration with COPE, will allocate €200,000 from the bank’s “Juntos” Solidarity Fund to 36 organisations throughout Spain. 

Banco Santander Foundation will also donate another €200,000 to 40 associations through the Santander Ayuda programme which, in its latest edition, has doubled the aid to help the people most affected by the pandemic.

In total, almost 60,000 people who are vulnerable and at risk of exclusion will benefit. 

Madrid, 4 June 2020. PRESS RELEASE. Banco Santander will allocate €400,000 to 76 NGOs and associations that work with vulnerable groups to tackle the most urgent health and social needs as a result of the pandemic. It will do this through two initiatives: “Covid-19 Tiempo de Juego-Santander”, launched in collaboration with the COPE radio station and the Santander Ayuda programme, supported by Banco Santander Foundation.

“Covid19 Tiempo de Juego-Santander”

The “Covid19 Tiempo de Juego-Santander” project will allocate €200,000 to 36 non-profit entities that work with society’s most vulnerable groups, such as minors at risk of exclusion, people with physical or intellectual disabilities or the elderly, for the purchase of medical equipment and basic protective equipment: PPE, gloves, screens, gels, ozone for the disinfection of centres, transfer vehicles, etc.

The initiative will benefit more than 32,000 people via 36 associations that can be found here.

This donation comes from the bank’s “Juntos” Solidarity Fund, which was created last March and financed by the voluntary contributions of executives from throughout the Group and employees. Today, the Fund has €54 million and is part of the €100 million that Santander is allocating around the world to high social impact initiatives to fight against the coronavirus. 

Santander Ayuda

This long-standing project, run by Banco Santander Foundation, has held a special edition, doubling the aid and scope of previous editions, allocating a further €200,000 to 40 non-profit entities in order to meet the urgent needs of the socio-economic groups most affected by covid-19 and alleviate its economic, social and psychological consequences.

You can see the 40 projects chosen, which will help more than 25,000 people, by clicking on the following link.

In the more than four years that this programme has been running, Santander Ayuda has supported 380 projects that have improved the quality of life of 200,000 people in a situation of vulnerability. Banco Santander and Banco Santander Foundation have allocated €1,900,000 in four years through the 18 editions held.

Both initiatives, which are in addition to other research and social impact projects in which Santander is collaborating, reaffirm the bank’s commitment to the inclusive and sustainable progress of people and society.