Since the start of the pandemic, the bank - through Santander Universities - has awarded these scholarships to over 50 learning centres in Chile.

Santiago de Chile, 17 June 2020.
The health crisis caused by covid-19 has posed major challenges around the world, including classroom-based learning. In response, Santander Universities decided to award more than 30,000 connectivity scholarships to university students so they can continue their studies via online.

It also distributed 400 computers to Duoc UC, and Valparaíso and Católica de Valparaíso universities so students could attend class from home during lockdown, receive class materials and stay in touch with lecturers.

To see this initiative through, Santander Universities liaised with various higher education centres to make sure those students most in need received this benefit.

Both activities are part of Banco Santander's support in tackling the coronavirus crisis, reflected in the EUR 30 million that it is investing in the fight against the pandemic worldwide. Santander is supporting research projects to develop vaccines, medicines and new diagnosis tests; providing assistance for disadvantaged students so they can continue with their classes; running studies on scenarios for coming out of the crisis; and working to reinforce the university system in its digital transition.