The companies were ranked on the basis of the opinions women expressed in the annual survey on internal working environments, the percentage of women in leading positions, and the companies' practices in women's development. 

Buenos Aires, 14 July 2020 – PRESS RELEASE
Santander was distinguished by Great Place to Work as one of the five "Best Workplaces for Women" in Argentina among companies with more than 1000 employees. This is the second time this ranking is created for Argentina and more than 30 organisations were singled out for their efforts to create and maintain an excellent workplace for women.

Three main parameters are the basis for the ranking: the opinions of women, as expressed in the annual anonymous and confidential survey on internal working environments, the percentage of women in leading positions in each company, and the companies' practices in women's empowerment and development.

"One of the core elements of our aim at Santander is to foster diversity and inclusion. It's part of our culture. Greater diversity and inclusion allow us to grow as people, aware of and valuing differences, as well as to grow as a company, offering the best service to our customers and consolidating a great workplace for our employees", stated Verónica Climent, head of People Management, Costs, Property and Security.

About Santander Argentina
Santander Argentina is the largest private bank in Argentina’s financial system in terms of both savings (deposits plus common funds) and lending volume. The entity has 430 traditional branches, 8 social integration branches, 5 digital branches, 3 Work Cafés, more than 3.7 million customers (including 2.2 million digital customers, more than 320,000 MSMEs and 1,300 corporate companies), more than 8,300 employees, and operates in 22 provinces and in Buenos Aires. Santander Argentina is developing an extensive responsible banking programme focusing on higher education. It has over 86 partnership agreements in place with public and private universities in the country.