São Paulo,3rd de july 2020 
In the third quarter of this year, Santander Brazil will also open a new research and development centre for its technology section, Santander Technology and Innovation. Located in Onovolab, the innovation hub of the São Carlos district (SP), the centre will employ 300 specialists in technology, all dedicated to building new solutions and speeding up the development of digital tools used by the bank and its customers.

The recruitment of new graduates and experienced professionals in leading technologies has already started. The immediate focus will be on Big Data, Mobile, Web, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and DevOps specialists, among other areas of knowledge, to head up the next big advances and disruptions in the way that people relate to financial institutions.

“This is another step in our unceasing search for an ever more efficient, agile and secure digital ecosystem. To get there, we must work with the country's best technology professionals. And nothing better than building our new technology centre in one of the main talent incubating regions in Latin America”, explained Ede Viani, deputy-chairman of Technology and Operations at Santander Brazil.

Set up just over two years ago, Onovolab now houses around 70 different companies, especially startups, in an old textile factory, with a total surface area of 21,000 square metres. “We have transformed this space into an innovation factory, with 450 specialists already working here”, said Anderson Criativo, CEO of Onovolab. “The arrival of Santander was a pleasant urprise, as the bank has backed our project from the start, enabling us to open our account. And now we are embarking on a partnership that will help boost our growth and establish us a reference for technology in Brazil.”

São Carlos has 250 thousand inhabitants, and 2.5 thousand doctors, ten times more than the national average according to a study made by USP in 2019. The city, the official Brazilian capital of technology, is home to UFSCar (Universidade Federal de São Carlos), two campuses of USP, IFSP (Instituto Federal de São Paulo), two units of Embrapa and various different companies from different sectors. Its success lies in connecting large companies and entrepreneurs with talent forged in leading academic institutions. With its new technology centre, Santander will be a key contributor to this equation. The bank's robust technology structure includes the Geração Digital hub in São Paulo, and the Campinas Data Centre (SP), opened in 2014.

Talent pool
To discover available vacancies and register in the selection process, please go to https://santander-tech.gupy.io/. On the site, you can also register in a talent pool for technology posts focused on diversity. Residents of the capital, metropolitan area and city of São Carlos may apply for all vacancies for which they are qualified, using the same register. Pre-selected candidates will receive a link to carry out online tests: to assess their culture knowledge, logic and use of Portuguese, as some examples. For candidates passing the selection process, the next phase will be an interview with HR.