There are no maintenance or other fees for the #Global U debit card for students up to 25 years old.

Other advantages include cash withdrawals, purchases overseas, MB Way and no fees 

The university enrolment campaign is already open

Lisbon, 28 September 2020. PRESS RELEASE
Santander Portugal is now allowing university students to open an online account. The process is quick and easy and holders will receive a fee-free digital debit card at no cost.

You can open an account and obtain a card using any mobile device or computer. To be eligible, you must be a university student, have Portuguese nationality and be over 18. The physical #Global U card is contactless, but students can access the digital version via the app.

There are no maintenance costs or issuance fees for either the Santander account or the debit card for students up to 25 years old. They are also exempt from paying to use the MB Way or withdrawing cash abroad up to EUR 1,000 a month.

Holders will be eligible to participate in a variety of competitions and win prizes according to usage, in addition to discounts at Repsol and other similar programmes offered through the Santander app.

In the midst of the current payment methods revolution, Santander #Global U simplifies digital payments in shops, apps and Internet using devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac (Apple Pay), smartwatches, smart wristbands and other digital devices.

Through Santander Universities, Santander Portugal has three main targets: youth education, entrepreneurship and employability. It offers a broad range of scholarships – - and programmes and provides direct financial assistance to disadvantaged students, skill-building projects and global university mobility programmes.